Happy new year! On a personal note: in August I retired from teaching at Roosevelt University after 20 excellent years there. I am now a professor emeritus at that university. I am hoping, pandemic permitting, to move to Cadiz, Spain. In the past I have worked with some of our colleagues at the University of Cadiz and hope to continue that collaboration, as well as with other universities in Spain and South America. The move will take much time and effort in my part but, after that is completed, I am hoping to invest more time into developing further the tests featured in my web, especially the EAS.

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  1. Jeffrey M. Kunka, Ph.D. says:

    Congratulations on your retirement and upcoming move to Cadiz. Although we here in Chicago will miss you, I’m sure that you will continue your work in Spain.
    I encourage all clinicians interested in personality assessment to check out the fine introduction to the Rorschach Technique that you and colleague Edward Rossini published through APA Books. And, of course, the cross-platform (Win/Mac) app Hermann10 — available for download on this site — that simplifies scoring a Rorschach record.
    Equally, I encourage clinicians to consider the DSM-5 compatible EAS-SABE questionnaire as an alternative or adjunct to commercial products such as the MMPI. Although designed primarily for administration via (Win/Mac) computer, a printable form is available for download, which can be scored using the EAS-SABE app.
    Best wishes.

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