Legacy EAS-5 Manual

The Emotional Assessment System (EAS-5) application was available as a Windows-only application prior to the introduction of our new cross-platform EAS-SABE 5 application.

That legacy program no longer should be used to test individual clients or to collect normative data, inasmuch as the format and composition of the test has changed significantly. Please employ the most recent cross-platform version of EAS-SABE 5, available as a free download elsewhere on this website.

However, the original manual for the EAS-5 — last updated in 2016 — includes valuable information with respect to how the test was developed, so it is provided here for reference:


Note that we have posted an EAS Legacy Reader utility that can be used to convert older Windows-only EAS3 and EAS5 datafiles to the new format employed by our cross-platform EAS-SABE 5 program.