EAS-5 (archived)

The Emotional Assessment System (EAS-5) application was available as a Windows-only application prior to the January 2020 introduction of the new cross-platform EAS-SABE application.

The original EAS-5 displayed most test items on a 4-point Likert scale — and even recorded those responses internally on that scale when saving the results to a .EAS5 datafile. However, when generating test reports in plain-text format the EAS-5 reduced that 4-point scoring to a binary scale, thereby losing the fine distinctions between “True” and “Mostly True” or between “False” and “Mostly False”.

As an interim measure, we developed a cross-platform EAS5 Reader app that reads original .EAS5 datafiles and converts these to the new EAS-SABE .csv datafile format. The resulting .csv datafiles are fully compatible with that new format and enable us to combine into a single Excel or SPSS spreadsheet these older datafiles and the datafiles generated by the newer application in order to develop test norms.

The legacy (Win-only) EAS-5 application is available here:


The cross-platform EAS5 Reader app is available here: