Emotional Assessment System (EAS-5)
Sistema Autodiagnóstico de Balance Emocional (SABE-5)

The EAS-SABE 5 is an application designed to administer and score Dr. James Choca’s Emotional Assessment System (EAS-5) self-report questionnaire and its Spanish language equivalent (SABE-5). The clinical scales are based on the current DSM-5 criteria and are compatible with ICD. The program is fully bilingual (English/Spanish) and cross-platform (Windows/Mac). Check the Quickstart instructions and download the .zip package for your system (Win or Mac).

https://choca-assessments.com/EAS-SABE Quickstart (

Note: EAS-SABE has been updated to v. (as of 02-18-20). All users should update to v. to ensure that it runs properly on newer versions of macOS and future versions of Windows.



A draft version of the EAS-SABE Interpretive Guide is available in English to assist clinicians in understanding EAS-SABE scale scores:

https://choca-assessments.com/EAS Narratives (02-18-20).pdf