Emotional Assessment System (EAS-5)
Sistema Autodiagnóstico de Balance Emocional (SABE-5)

The EAS-SABE 5 is an application designed to administer and score Dr. James Choca’s Emotional Assessment System (EAS-5) self-report questionnaire and its Spanish language equivalent (SABE-5). The clinical scales are based on the current DSM-5 criteria and are compatible with ICD. The program is fully bilingual (English/Spanish) and cross-platform (Windows/Mac). Please download and read the Quickstart document for details on how to download and employ the current version of EAS-SABE 5:


Note: EAS-SABE 5 has been updated to v. 2.1.0 (February 2024) in order to run on the latest versions of Windows and macOS. All users should update to this version, which also includes other major changes: Test items are displayed and scored employing a T-F format, the EAS-SABE report has been redesigned, and a new option to employ a paper-and-pencil version of the test has been added.

(A Legacy EAS Reader is available upon request for those who need to convert older EAS-SABE files to the current datafile format for rescoring.)


EAS-SABE 5 is a free download from the author’s website for both Windows and Mac. In each case it employs a conventional installer — for Windows a .msi installer file and for macOS a .dmg disk image — that has been code-signed for security to ensure users that it originates from an authorized developer. (Mac version available soon.)

Download the EAS-SABE for Windows installer (.msi) file

Download the EAS-SABE for macOS installer (.dmg) file

Print Version. EAS-SABE 5 now includes the option to input into the program the responses recorded on a paper-and-pencil version of the test questionnaire. The resulting datafile can be scored and a test report generated from within the program. English and gender-specific Spanish versions of the questionnaire are available for printout as PDF documents, along with the corresponding answer sheets. See the Quickstart document for details.


EAS5 Documentation. Details regarding the original development and validation of EAS5 are included in this document (currently available only in English).

https://choca-assessments.com/EAS5 Development_English.pdf

EAS Interpretive Guide. A draft version of the EAS-SABE Interpretive Guide is available in English to assist clinicians in understanding EAS-SABE scale scores.