EAS5 Program and Instructions

  1. To download program, click on the following link:


  1. Download the EAS5.zip file (206 MB) to a PC computer.  Note that this is a Windows-only app.
  2. Find the downloaded file in the directory of your computer where the downloads are saved.
  3. Double click EAS5.zip to decompress the file.  You will now have a directory there called EAS5
  4. Move the entire EAS5 directory so that it is directly on your root directory. It should appear as C://EAS5
  5. Now double click the EAS5.exe file
  6. In the future you can create a shortcut of the EAS5.exe file that you can put on your desktop so that you only have to double click that icon to activate the program.

The password to get into the program is eas in small case letters.

If the program stops working because the examinee entered the wrong answer to one of the validity items, enter Ctrl-w to continue.

When the administration is finished, enter Ctrl-w, and then choose the ‘save and score’ option and the program will save your data and show you a table. The option of having the program save the file into a memory stick has not been working but you should copy your file from the Casedata subdirectory of the EAS5 directory.

Caution:  Do not open the EAS5 file with Word or similar program.  Word introduces extraneous characters into the file that will prevent the EAS program from opening the file in the future.